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"RE: Future Workers of Northwest Indiana
Hi, I am sending this message to give recognition to Ms. Martinez and Mr. Smith for what I think is a outstanding display of sharing and preparing our youth for real life situations. I have two kids that benefited from that workshop, a senior getting ready for college as well as the real world, who openly admitted he got a lot out of the material you guys covered. My daughter a 9th grader who is the one that approached me with "Dad I want to work this summer, I want my own money." Thanks for the message you both delivered and as a parent who stayed for the entire experience I also can say I gained something as well, keep up the good work."

D. Robinson


"I have two teenagers who attended the" Future Workers of Northwest Indiana" workshop. The information provided was spot on for young and upcoming professionals. I found the seminar to be extremely interactive and engaging. The environment was safe and clean which allowed each participant to be their authentic selves. Speakers Mr. Smith and Darlene as well as coordinator Elvira were very personable with all participants and provided real life scenarios that were relatable to the audience. I had a perfect time!"

C. Trambles